Project Name: Oryx Vision

Project Manager: Yossi Shefi

The Oryx Offices project stretches over 1500 mgross.

This project was carried out in the framework of planning and execution in an active commercial area.

The project consists of systems works and finishing and is built of offices and development laboratories of the company.

In the framework of the project construction works were carried out, including air conditioning, electricity, fire detection and plumbing.

A few challenges were introduced during the project, while the most complex one was the process in which the planning was designed on the job and only then the execution plans arrived (Push Mode).

Another complex challenge was revealed at the beginning of the project. We received a floor full of dry cementing materials, which we had to demolish and then remove from the floor without having the option to use mechanical means. This challenge was a significant milestone schedule-wise.

We were able to overcome this challenge using employees who were scanning and removing the waste in the elevators of the building and then dispose it in the collecting point outside the building.

While taking these actions, flooring works were taking place, allowing us to meet the schedule objectives.

As far as I’m concerned, as a project manager who is responsible for the process of planning and executing, there is not option to wait until receiving the final execution plans, and a serious push is in need in order to obtain the plans from the designers without having someone on hold.

After I had put much pressure on the designers and phoned them numerous times, we were able to come up with a plan which brought us to the finishing line while maintaining smooth and quick execution, high quality and the schedule objectives.

Importantly, the unique inner system of Yaniv Engineering allows the cutting of the project at any given time throughout the execution. Therefore, data analysis was obtained, allowing me as a project manager to review the situation in terms of schedules, objectives and challenges we faced.

These data enabled me as a project manager to put the right emphasis on the problematic and crucial works, and to consolidate the resources at my disposal in order to finish them and to meet the schedule objectives for which Yaniv Engineering is committed.

The last stage of execution of these type of works is obtaining the approvals of the Standard Institution of Israel and those of the laboratories inspections, and of course the final delivering to the client. This is a highly significant stage even comparing to the execution and finishing of the construction works, since if the inspections are negative, the client cannot populate the complex.